Our mission is simple. We extract potential and create a path for success. Our consultants constantly challenge established concepts and ideas, innovating the current thinking. We work with our clients to enable them for success and to change the way businesses think. We are paving the way to the future.

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our values – our culture

We strongly believe that powerful values are an important indicator of the success of a business, they add an element of drive and a backbone that renders a business competitive in this modern environment.

We completely affirm that abiding to such values indicate that a business is heading in the correct direction. Strong values are the spirit of any company, making or breaking the entire business.

Since our birth a few decades ago, our key values have remained the same, These key values have become our identity of who we are and what we do. This ideology enables us to remain competitive and to adapt to the challenges presented by the future. This perfect blend is not only who we are but also what we believe in. Together we can build the future...

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Integrity is one of our core principles when engaging with our client. We believe success cannot come without our client's full trust. A client's trust cannot come without us honoring our commitments and displaying utmost moral values and ethics.
By letting our team members develop a sense of ownership and giving them the autonomy and support they require to build their skills and confidence, we help them develop their sense of accountability and responsibility.
Our commitment to excellence lies in our persistence to continuously improve ourselves, our services and products. We do not rest on our accomplishments, but rather build on them. We expect more of ourselves than our clients do, and this is to ensure our customers that we are committed to their success as much as they are.
We truly have the interest of our client at heart no matter how challenging the situation, because we believe the client's success in their business is a reflection of our success.
To get respect, give respect – This is how we deal with our clients, with the respect they deserve. We understand that every client requires respect whether it's their facilities, properties, business needs, information and confidentiality, or even simply the way they are treated.
Our goal is to deliver the highest of benefits and the most optimum values to our clients, and we do this by better understanding the business needs of the performing organization, by communicating and collaborating with our clients, by considering all options, alternatives and innovative ideas while delivering our services.
An overused term, but at p3m global this signifies that we are independent of any particular standards or vendors. We maintain accreditation and expertise in all major standards, methodologies and bodies of knowledge so that we can select and adapt the right mix of tools and techniques to apply to your particular situation. We will not push you down an unwanted path.
We are always committed to developing responsible practices and integrating them into our daily business operations, to promote a healthy environment practically, ethically & socially. We continuously empower our people to be global problem solvers and speed the pace of social change.


our principles – your success

As well as our inherent values we have 5 guiding principles that permeate our work and that will be identifiable in any of the solutions we work on with you:

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Related to our value of best-of-breed, we make it our mission not only to incorporate the best that global standards have to offer but to be at the forefront of defining those global standards. By being a genuine thought leader we can ensure the solutions we provide are not just current or compliant, but ahead of the curve.
We do not work on symptoms or in silos, we identify and work on root causes and focus our development on pan-organisational solutions that will make a real and beneficial difference to performance. This is reflected in our integrated approach to People, Process and Technology and our modus operandi of Assess, Develop and Engage.
We are not here to sell you a quick fix. We are here to be your partner on a journey. We do not believe in overnight transformation, though early benefits can always be identified and prioritised. We recognise that real maturity takes time and that different interventions and expertise will be needed throughout. We will be there to anticipate and provide that as a key partner.
Also a key value of ours. One size does not fit all, and though we have standard engagement models, flexibility is built into them to ensure that the focus remains on you, the customer, and the targeted outcomes you need. No two projects we run are the same.
We believe that all change, good or bad, should be measured because if you can’t measure it in some way, it didn’t really happen. This means we will benchmark at the beginning of each engagement and monitor changes in key performance metrics as well as capturing clearly defined benefits and outcomes. We believe you should be able to clearly see the results and return on the investment you place with us.


your journey – our engagement

When investing in P3M development, many organisations limit the scope of their investment to one or two areas. They may purchase a software tool, beef up some processes or get their people certified in an industry standard, like PRINCE2 or PMP. None of these is enough.

At p3m global, we believe true organisational P3M capability comes from targeted and balanced improvement initiatives in three key areas: People, Process and Technology; and each of these should empower the other.

These are just some of the questions that need to be asked and addressed to achieve real and measurable improvements in performance and they need to be dealt with in a structured, coordinated way. So if you’re serious about change, contact us.


PADET is the most comprehensive engagement model in the market. So if you’re serious about change, contact us.

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Our approach is to build a partnership between ourselves and the client. p3m global will capture the client's vision and the main outcomes and benefits that they want to gain from their initiative. The plan phase is all about ensuring that all expectations are properly captured. Thereafter a clear plan for the achievement of these expectations is delivered.
p3m global assesses the current situation. This is achieved through a series of workshops, surveys, one-on-one structured interviews and facilitated workshops with key stakeholders. Existing practices are assessed and the output from this phase is a clear ‘As-is’ Report.
Once the blueprint has been accepted in principle, the final and more detailed design is put together, including how to ensure that the new processes integrate seamlessly and effectively into the existing project management systems or mapping out how and when the new technology will be configured to empower the business process and how to engage staff along the way. In this stage the necessary manuals are written and the tools, templates, and business process workflows are all produced.
In this stage the methodology and/or tool is embedded into the organization through training of a wider base of people. As well as this, depending on requirements, other initiatives may be executed such as internal marketing of the new systems. Coaching & mentoring programmes may also be initiated. In some cases, p3m global clients require us to run the new systems for them for a specified period of time. During this period, p3m global will monitor the performance of key, pre-agreed metrics, gauge the level of benefit realization and evaluate the performance of the new systems
When you are ready, the new systems are transferred to their ownership and full responsibility through a controlled series of steps. A review of the whole programme and its benefits is performed.