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You’ve graduated. Now take the next step to a lucrative career in project, program and portfolio management.

p3m global’s internship programs give candidates from many disciplines and backgrounds the opportunity to get a true feel of what it’s like to work at p3m global—and to experience the life of a project management specialist further enhanced by our very own methodology.



Working as an intern at p3m global is more than an opportunity to bolster your resumé. It also offers the potential to launch a career at p3m global, as a vast majority of our interns receive offers for full-time positions.

As a p3m global intern, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned at university and through personal experience to a real client challenge. You’ll work with and be mentored by p3m global consultants, and you’ll take responsibility for specific components of a client project. As a case team member, you’ll gain a 360-degree perspective on life as a p3m global consultant—from working on client projects to socialising with colleagues.

If you are selected for our program, we’ll work with you to understand your interests and assign you to a case that aligns with your personal and professional goals. Past interns have helped solve a range of interesting challenges.

Orientation and training sessions aimed at providing additional insight into the project management profession are offered throughout your internship, giving you a complete view of what it would be like to work as a p3m global consultant after you graduate.

We accept online applications from exceptional business school, engineering, science, and humanities students who are nearing the completion of their undergraduate or graduate studies.



Choose a career with p3m global where growth and development is an integral part of our business model. If you are searching for your next career move in Project, Portfolio and Program Management and enjoy innovative and challenging work, p3m global will provide you with the necessary tools and training to build your career pathway.

Join our talented team of experienced Consultants, Project Managers and facilitator’s, who work with global organisations engaging and managing hundreds of client engagements and projects in various industry sectors each year. Develop a strong foundation, in line with our organisation’s ethos based upon passion, first class customer service, strong team working and excellent personal development in a dynamic, thriving and growing environment. Take the path to the career you want!

(in years)
Help shape projects by learning the ropes to effective project management. The role of the Project Administrator is to assist project managers and teams by providing a framework for them to operate within. The Project Administrator will perform the tasks necessary to keep a project running smoothly by carrying out essential tasks such as record keeping, resource coordination, scheduling, and ensuring compliance with government and safety regulations.
As a Project Coordinator you will establish and meet deadlines for project readiness and completion, provide customers with regular communication including progress updates and provide on-going support for issue resolution. The Project Coordinator is responsible for directing, organising and controlling project activities, as well as monitoring and tracking project’s progress and handle any issues that arise, aiming to ensure a flawless project execution under the direction of the project manager.
Our project leaders improve and enhance project management elements such as improved communication, employee satisfaction and quality of work. The Project Leader handles team management and developing vital skills of listening and addressing employee concerns. They also work to inspire employees and strengthen teams, conveying the organisational vision, facilitating collaboration, setting clear priorities and building relationships.
Project Managers are facilitators to accomplish project objectives by planning, organising, controlling progress and implementation needs, whilst anticipating and overcoming any possible risks or problems that may occur. Project Managers manage specific client projects throughout the whole project lifecycle, ensuring that the client and relevant colleagues are kept informed throughout and that deadlines are met.
The Senior Project Manager is responsible for managing large multi-faceted projects and accounts simultaneously. They establish and implement project management processes and methodologies to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, adhere to high quality standards and meet customer expectations. Senior Project Managers assemble project plans and teamwork assignments, direct and monitor work efforts, identify resource needs, perform quality review; and escalate functional, quality, and timeline issues appropriately.
The Program Leader is responsible for delivering the overall program. They developing the program vision, set the agenda for its development and enhance quality. As a Program Leader, you will learn about using appropriate tools and methods. In this role you will ensure effective planning, management and review of the program, and attain the necessary knowledge on how to take forward new program proposals in accordance with the company strategy.
Take the lead as the Program Manager, who is responsible for the successful delivery of the whole proposed change. This will include articulating the goals and objectives of the program of projects and their interdependencies, as well as oversight of any risks and issues arising and how it will impact the business. You will acquire the necessary know-how for focusing on strategy and implementation, and how to appropriately delegate projects.
The Senior Program Manager oversees the interdependency between the projects and communicates the overall vision. Productively define the project pacing and obtain incremental benefits as the projects progress. The goal being to leverage ROI and control projects as a whole, helping the organisation achieve strategic results. Ensure understanding of the overall program strategy and if changes occur, ensure the program focus is changed accordingly.
A Portfolio Manager constructs various portfolios in accordance with client goals and objectives, liaising with all stakeholders and advising clients on appropriate strategies, whilst constructing and customising portfolios according to client needs or preferences. Portfolio Managers work closely to ensure maintenance of a high level of collaboration with the relationship team to provide effective strategies, solutions and optimal levels of service that exceeds client expectations.


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Get a true feel of what it’s like to work with p3m global, and to experience the life of a project manager.

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