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p3m pulse is an advanced online assessment and survey suite, exclusive to p3m global, that is capable of quickly obtaining an understanding of current organisational P3M performance that is both broad and deep.

Like taking a pulse, it is designed to be quick and repeatable while being a reliable indicator for a host of potential ailments. Using a variety of tests, profiles, questionnaires and 360ยบ surveys, p3m pulse can quickly get to the heart of the matter and provide a solid basis for targeted action.

Our clients mostly use p3m pulse for the following applications:

Evaluating the capabilities of individuals (and teams)

Informing the development of staff training and development roadmaps

Tracking adherence to agreed business processes

Determining the current level of organisational P3M maturity performance

Monitoring or reviving individual projects and programmes

Base lining for measurable organisational change

Checking the alignment between corporate objectives and the project portfolio

Providing quality assurance to projects

p3m pulse provides analysis of the results together with recommendations in a comprehensive report. Where multiple projects or individuals have been surveyed, p3m global will also provide a rationalised series of organisational observations and can work with you to develop a journey plan to address the priority areas of concern.

Know thyself! the unexamined life is not worth living

p3m pulse is a mechanism for measuring current P3M capability performance, benchmarking against industry standards, developing the P3M community journey plan and then measuring the subsequent increase in performance

We have developed an assessment solution that can be applied in a variety of contexts to help us better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation, so targeted improvements can be implemented and effectiveness measured.

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