assessment & assurance

Increasingly, the most successful organisations are those that can adapt and flex to meet the challenges of rapidly changing environments. Achieving this in portfolios of ever-increasing complexity is only possible if there is a clear view of where and how resources can be deployed to optimise their contribution.


p3m global provide a range of services and tools to help you understand the sources of complexity in your enterprise portfolio as well as the maturity of your tools, processes and governance. Crucially, we also help you to understand the skills and competencies in your P3M community and, if all these aspects are misaligned, we can partner with you address shortfalls. Any gaps in capacity, capability or competence can be dealt with through informed acquisition and development of resources, reinforcement of governance or enhanced use of technology.

This means that our clients can be confident that they will be able to respond effectively to change because they have the ability to iteratively realign their portfolios within a robust P3M environment and deploy the right resources to fulfil them.



At the heart of every organisation is its people. They form its culture, reflect its values, conduct its business and enable or inhibit its transformation. In the modern portfolio, success comes from having a competent, motivated workforce deployed in an optimised way.

This entails understanding the talent base you have to work with and ascertaining the competencies you need to develop to achieve your goals. In this way your people's development is targeted and individualised while any long-term competence gaps can be resourced intelligently, leaving your organisation well equipped to meet the challenge ahead.

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competence offering



Clear and robust governance across the portfolio is proven to increase the chances of project success. Following a simple, common methodology brings more consistent project performance and having a well-constituted PMO maximises the value to the organisation.

Good process and governance should empower, not inhibit, and should have the flexibility to deal with the unique nature of individual projects and programmes. Taking the time to define these rules, educate people in them and then embed by consensus will bring the best out of your people and drive the benefit you derive from your project community.

capability offering



It is often said that a poor workman blames his tools, and this is usually because he has the wrong tool for the job. Similarly, organisations far too often begin improvement initiatives that are driven by technology; working within its constraints to outcomes that often result in awkward and resented compromise. Tools are a means unto an end and, if we start with the end in mind, then we can ensure that the needs of the organisation drive the technology and functionality we employ, not the other way around.

Similarly, organisations far too often begin improvement initiatives that are driven by technology; working within its constraints to outcomes that often result in awkward and resented compromise.

technology offering


P3M health check

How do you know if your project management processes are delivering what you need? What if you could check the health of your project management and identify precisely what needs to change to fine tune the way projects are delivered?

Whether you have a project or program that is facing significant challenges or whether you want to maintain a regular, objective check on the health of your portfolio, p3m global’s health checks can help. We can use a variety of tools and techniques from our p3m pulse™ online tool to a more in-depth program review to determine the factors that require the most attention to ensure your projects and program stay on target to meet their objectives.


P3M assurance

Some of our clients prefer to retain accountability for the delivery of key initiatives but benefit from a regular, objective report detailing the progress, performance and the source of any risk exposure or current issues they may be experiencing.

Our p3m assurance services can be administered quickly and regularly either online through our p3m pulse™ assessment tool or through a more detailed program review at a key stage or tranche boundary.

Either way you can be safe in the knowledge that your key initiatives are being managed in the right way and maintaining focus on the objectives you require them to achieve.