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At the heart of every organisation is its people. They form its culture, reflect its values, conduct its business and enable or inhibit its transformation. In the modern portfolio, success comes from having a competent, motivated workforce deployed in an optimised way.


We place equal focus on individual competence and organisational competence, and our services are targeted at giving a valuable picture of how well your people are functioning, and how well oiled your organisation is.

We can offer a range of customised training solutions and professional development services aimed at addressing specific issues and skills gaps within your organisation. Turn to p3m global for interactive exercises & case studies that simulate real-life scenarios as opposed to theoretical examples; practical solutions to everyday challenges; continuous support that assists effective learning transfer into the workplace; workshops developed and facilitated by talented, experienced professionals currently active within their areas of expertise, based on real-life situations.



p3m global is an established and accredited training organisation with leading global organisations & vendors. Our team features experienced facilitators & project managers, so you can take advantage of the best and most practical education solution from experienced practitioners.

Since our birth a few decades ago, our key values have remained the same, These key values have become our identity of who we are and what we do. This ideology enables us to remain competitive and to adapt to the challenges presented by the future. This perfect blend is not only who we are but also what we believe in. Together we can build the future...



Coaching is working with an individual or team to identify and work on specific issues or development opportunities to enable the full reach of their potential.

It can be used for a variety of situations such as people needing to work on leadership skills, decision-making, staff relations, creativity, stress and time management, meeting control or sensitive issue handling.

Mastery of these areas leads to better-rounded and more effective individuals or teams, facilitated by talented, experienced professionals currently active within their areas of expertise, based on real-life situations.

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Before taking any initiatives we observe, assess and understand the maturity level of our client's company, to give us a clear view when approaching their needs. Therefore, depending on the needs of the company, we can supply the required support and achieve their goals accordingly.
With our deep and diverse experience, we can provide you with fresh ideas to help you resolve your operational issues, reduce risks and improve efficiencies. This in turn will help you increase your profitability and increase your share In the market.
We provide continuous support during and after the implementations of our services, to ensure a healthy, regular & gradual growth.

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We think of mentoring as ‘showing an individual how it’s done’ and is therefore closely linked with the concept of on-the-job training.

By using mentoring in this context p3m global can demonstrate a best-practice approach to managing projects on the very types of projects your people are managing. This kind of ‘leading by example’ is proven to be very effective for learning and development due to the relevance and practical application of the subject involved.

The catalogue of p3m global mentoring services are used in various scenarios, including:

  • An individual has just been given responsibility for a major project for the first time
  • An individual or team has just finished PRINCE2 training and needs to apply it in their own context
  • A team is working on a project but the project is not performing well
  • An individual or team is studying for a credential such as PMP (Project Management Professional)
  • An organisation wants to fast-track the development of key individuals

These sessions can be structured as group surgery sessions, or focused workshops based on observations made during assessment and coaching sessions.

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p3m pathways™

p3m pathways™ is a professional development model that provides organisations and their staff with a structure to the landscape of P3M careers.

It is about giving people a current location, a destination, and the directions to make their future in projects, programmes and portfolios within your organisation.

What are the capabilities and benefits? Capabilities unlocked by the Pathway include:

  • A more mature people process
  • Identification of SMEs
  • Consistency in the approach to P3M across your organisation
  • A common benchmark
  • Targeted training plans

Benefits realised by these capabilities include:

  • Improved staff satisfaction, competency and retention
  • Greater organisational maturity, more competitive advantage and improved ROI on training expenditure
  • Increased staff portability, motivation and productivity
  • A common benchmark
  • Targeted training plans



People run projects, so the main factor in the success of your projects and programmes is the competence of your people, i.e. the skills they have, the way they apply them and how they behave in a variety of situations.

Our competence assessments are the most thorough in the market and ensure you have clear visibility of where your strengths and weaknesses lie so you can deploy and recruit the right people for the right project.

Contact us and we’ll show you how we do it.