technology empowerment

It is often said that a poor workman blames his tools, and this is usually because he has the wrong tool for the job.


Similarly, organisations far too often begin improvement initiatives that are driven by technology; working within its constraints to outcomes that often result in awkward and resented compromise.

Tools are a means unto an end and, if we start with the end in mind, then we can ensure that the needs of the organisation drive the technology and functionality we employ, not the other way around.

But when used wisely, and backed up by solid governance and in the control of competent people, then technology becomes a powerful enabler, allowing teams to collaborate and share information in real time across diverse and rapidly changing environments. It is the last, crucial piece in the jigsaw to true P3M maturity and should be seriously considered and managed in that context.

Don’t compromise on your technological capabilities – turn to p3m global for tools that will enable your ability to deliver sound projects, programs and portfolios that adhere to your needs in an evolving, complex world paradigm.


CA PPM Implementation

A Prescriptive Approach to Simpler, Faster and More Cost-effective Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). May 2015 Gartner Report has marked CA PPM solution as one of the leaders in PPM platform.

The CA PPM solution from CA Technologies is the industry standard in Project & Portfolio Management solutions, helping organisations plan from the top down and execute flawlessly from the bottom up. A fast-paced, collaborative and agile solution, CA PPM helps bring business and technology executives together to create a strategic playbook, balance investment portfolios, communicate actionable plans and streamline resources—to react quickly to demand and deliver the right results.

CA PPM includes all essential PPM functions: project management, resource management, demand management and portfolio governance. It provides a single system of record to help organisations collect, prioritise, deliver and assess data related to projects across the enterprise. In addition, CA PPM provides executive dashboards to support fact-based decision making through real-time data visibility and analysis, including “what-if” scenarios.

Portfolio health: View the success of projects automatically. Determine how projects are progressing. Identify what projects need closer attention.

My portfolio: Centralise all projects to create one single version of the truth. Get an “at-a-glance” view of the project portfolio. Identify project-status details, schedules and issues.

Budget and Forecasting: Portfolio managers can create budgets and update forecasts at the summary or detail level, including labour, expenses, materials and equipment categories.

Project status: Read the latest status report (daily, weekly, monthly). Review the issues and risks. Identify the actions needed to keep projects moving. Read commentary from project managers.

Resource allocations: Get a quick bandwidth check to see who’s working on what vs. their available capacity. Expose over-utilised and under-utilised resources for corrective action.

Project issues: PMS can access a central register of issues for individual projects. No need for notepads, sticky notes and files scattered in various places.

My Projects: Project Managers (PMs) can view all projects in progress and click on individual projects for details.

Project teams: PMs can review project team allocations.

Resource shortages: View a summary of any shortfall in resources.


EPM implementation

The Microsoft Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution offers a flexible, end-to-end PPM platform, used by organisations across a broad variety of industries to automate primary PPM processes. May 2015 Gartner Report has marked Microsoft EPM solution as one of Challengers in PPM platform.

p3m global gives you the flexibility of choosing the PPM solutions based on the experience and software that are already running in the business.

For more than a decade, Microsoft has delivered flexible software for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) through editions of Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Professional. With the latest release of the Project Family, the proven capabilities of Project Server are available as Project Online, a cloud service that offers organisations of all types and sizes increased agility with a smaller IT footprint. Project Online works with the SharePoint Online platform and enjoys the business benefits of Office 365, which modernises productivity infrastructure without any compromise. Similar to Project Server, Project Online syncs seamlessly with Project Professional, the signature project management software embraced by project managers everywhere.

Utilising a cloud-based solution offers clear advantages to setting up a customised server environment. You do not have to worry about maintenance or upgrade issues and compatibility issues are uncommon. While traditional Project Server implementations take time and commitment to roll out, you can provision Project Online quickly and easily. In addition, you and your IT staff do not have to deal with inconvenient overhead costs associated with maintaining extra infrastructure, such as applying updates, maintaining security, scaling capacity, and ensuring uptime and availability. Because Microsoft delivers Project Online through Office 365, the solution is always up-to-date and accessible from virtually anywhere.

Demand Management:
Intuitively capture all requests within a central repository and manage them using governance workflow

Portfolio Selection and Analytics:
Objectively prioritise, optimise, and select project portfolios that best align with your organisation’s business strategy

Resource Management:
Proactively and reactively manage resources throughout the project lifecycle

Schedule Management:
Easily create and communicate simple and complex project schedules

Financial Management:
Control and measure project and portfolio financial performance

Time and Task Management:
Simplify the collection of time and task status updates from team members

Team Collaboration:
Better connect disparate teams to share information and drive collaboration

Issues and Risk Management: Identify, mitigate, and communicate issues and risks that could adversely affect project success

Business Intelligence and Reporting:
Effectively measure project performance and gain visibility and control across all portfolios


SharePoint EDMS

SharePoint is a collaboration environment that organizations of all sizes can use to increase the efficiency of business processes. SharePoint sites provide secure environments that administrators can configure to provide personalized access to documents and other information. Search features enable users to find content efficiently regardless of the physical location of data.

SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own. Flexible management options ensure that you still retain the control you need to meet the compliance requirements of your organisation. p3m global can manage SharePoint for you in the cloud as a standalone offering or as part of an Office 365 suite, where you can also get access to Exchange, Skype for Business, the Office clients, and web apps.

Document management controls the life cycle of documents in your organisation — how they are created, reviewed, and published, and how they are ultimately disposed of or retained. Although the term "management" implies that information is controlled from the top of the organisation, an effective document management system should reflect the culture of the organisation that uses it. The tools that you use for document management should be flexible enough to enable you to tightly control a document's life cycle.

Although SharePoint provides the EDMS features but they are too generic to be applied for specific nature of the business hence it needs customisation. Here p3m global customised the SharePoint Online to suit the requirements of the business in order to provide a complete and painless solution.

Connect with employees across the enterprise. Use SharePoint to engage with people, share ideas, and reinvent the way you work together.

Whether you’re working as a team or an individual, SharePoint helps you organise information, people, and projects.

SharePoint makes it easy to find answers, discover insights, and connect with experts.

Developers and web designers can create new experiences on SharePoint using familiar tools and internet standards.


PPM assessment

Are you using the right tool? Are you using your tool right? How many different tools do you have? Many organisations struggle to get the best out of their technology, with some functionality lying unused while much effort is duplicated.

Limited information is collected from multiple sources with no source for one version of the truth. Our technology assessment is about making sure that your use of software is driven by business needs and that you have the right functionality for what you are trying to achieve.

We will take a comprehensive look at the tools used throughout the P3M landscape and what they are used for. We will then also make recommendations on how to do this more cost effectively and efficiently by consolidating the tool base, unlocking latent functionality in your existing tool or perhaps even recommending a more appropriate tool for you to use to reflect your needs.


PPM support

Our Enterprise Project Management implementation process doesn’t just stop at the configuration and initiation stage. Like any good partner, p3m global is there throughout to support and enable the EPM process for your organisation.

As part of our commitment to implementing and enabling full Enterprise Project Management systems for clients, p3m global is ready to support you, your team and each individual through:

  • Planning your implementation, pilot, and phased deployment
  • Creating custom templates and standards to save time and simplify use
  • Training your project managers, team and administrators
  • Assessing problems, document a plan of action and help improve a challenged implementation
  • Helping you gain measurable ROI